Tree Debris yard & Dump

Visit the Kenzie Recyling debris yard for your dump needs including organic and vegatative waste like trees, branches, rootballs, landscaping debris, land clearing, strippings, top soil and more. Visit our St. Augustine, Florida facility using the Location listing details below.

St. Augustine Location

Address: Located at Saint Marks Pond Rd. and International Golf Pkwy.

Directions: Drive south down Saint Marks Pond Rd. Go past St. Marks C&D Facility (Republic Services). Take the next left and continue driving until you reach St. Marks Pond Borrow Pit.

Access from Saint Marks Pond Rd. only. You cannot access via the neighborhood off Lafayette Ave. Click the link below to view the pin drop on the map. With questions call 904-650-4285.



We do not accept trash, construction debris or anything other than what is listed in the table above.

Clean Debris – $4/yard

  • Clean logs
  • Branches & trimmings

Clean Chips – Free

  • Produced from clean debris


Dirty Debris – $7/yard

  • Mixed debris including logs
  • Root balls
  • Palm trees

Strippings – $7/yard

  • Debris and ground rakings, primarily a dirt load

Dirty Mulch – Call Us

  • Produced from dirty debris
  • Chips w/4” screen or less – $3/yard
  • Chips w/4” screen or more – $5/yard